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Piano competition for young pianists

JUNIOR age 9 -19 years 

MASTER age 20-29 years

The final takes place at Stenhammarsalen, the Concert House in Gothenburg

Application fee: Swisch nr: 123 037 540 74 Bankgiro nr: 625-3264

From abroad: BIC/IBAN no. HANDSESS / SE87 6000 0000 0007 2668 3302

You send your CV, video links and a copy of the registration fee via email:

Welcome to apply


Registration form for 2023 international piano competition 
Attach your CV and video link to your video, and your receipt of registration fee by e-mail:

Thank you for your registration for the piano competition. Decisions will be sent by email no later than June, 2023. Remember to send your CV + video + receipt for the registration fee for a complete application via email. Good luck!

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