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How do I become a support member?


By simply to swisha or pay in via bankgiro no. and fill out the form below with your contact information.


Support member for 12 months: SEK 150 / person or SEK 300 /  familj

Combined support membership with the Piano Society in the West for SEK 250


As a member and sponsor  you get a special invitation to the festival's concerts, VIP evening, newsletter about the festival and tips on what's going on. We are happy to make visible Is or your company on the website,  programfolder and posters by agreement.

The membership becomes valid from the time the membership fee is paid.

For the first time, the membership fee can be paid at any time during the year.


SWISH number: 1230374074

GPF Bankgiro no: 625-3264

(In the message box you can write your name and e-mail)  

When paying, e.g. via internet banking, please state in the message  "Support member" or "Combined support member" and "Sponsor"  med_cc781905 -bd_bd_5bd-postbde phone number.

It is important that you fill in the form below with your information.

If the payer's name is different, please state that as well.

Here you fill in your contact information

Thank you for submitting!

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