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Gothenburg Piano Festival is part of and celebrates the city of Gothenburg's anniversary year

400 years ​

In 2021, Gothenburg turned 400 years old. The City of Gothenburg wants to celebrate this by developing Gothenburg into an even better place to visit, live and work in. Due to the pandemic, the city has decided to move the celebration forward to 2023 and we at Gothenburg Piano Festival will have our festival with an anniversary theme in 2023.

But already this year we have started our anniversary project "GRAND PIANOS WHERE ARE THEY" - The goal is to map 400 acoustic grand pianos in the entire Västra Götaland region. 

During the anniversary year, we present all our found wings with a mobilizing exhibition and documentation and offer "at home - concerts, lectures on the mechanics of the grand pianos and exciting history where Gothenburg was an active grand piano workshop in the 20th century. 

If you and your grand piano also want to be seen on this map, get in touch with us with the grand piano's brand, the grand piano's condition, location, history and more, and we will get in touch with you. # gbg400år

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