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In many places around the world it is celebrated that it was 200 years since Clara Schumann was born.
We also do this here in Gothenburg through program items such as Clara's Music Salon and family performance as well as chamber music concert with Kungsbacka piano trio. 
Interesting about ...
Here you can learn more about Clara Schumann's piano trio in G minor presented by the London Symphony Orchestra. 

Four-handed piano, formerly in Sweden called in French à quatre mains, is a playing instruction for a piece of music that requires two players, ie four hands, who play the same piano instrument , usually a piano . Pieces for two pianos are called "for two pianos".

Four-handed piano is a concept in chamber music . During the 19th century, arrangements for four-handed piano became common. What was arranged was orchestral music , solo concerts , overtures and symphonies . In this way, you could play music at home and get in touch with even larger works.


Four-handed works are usually easier to play than those for two hands. Many composers made their own arrangements of their orchestral works for four-handed piano, such as Beethoven .

Music for four-handed piano can also be useful in piano lessons.

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