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FESTIVAL PROGRAM 7-10 & 12 augusti 2019

Fri entrance

Claras Musiksalong

Festival inauguration

Wednesday 7 augusti

at 18.00-20.00 (incl. Break)

Kristallfoajén, Stora Teatern

Paret Schumann Bild.png

We celebrate the pianist and composer Clara Schumann 200 years
To celebrate the composer and pianist Clara Schumann 200 years, Göteborgs pianofestival opens with a program we call Clara's music salon, in Storan's beautiful Crystal Foyer. The salon was the stage where female musicians and composers mostly performed during the 19th century and was a generally very popular concert. and social form. In Clara's salon, music by, among others, Clara, her husband Robert Schumann, and their good friend Johannes Brahms will be performed. We will tell and talk about Clara's life and work. Participating is the internationally in-demand German-Norwegian singer Lena Haselmann, who also has a doctorate in female composers' piano students in Berlin during the same era. As a pianist our eminent record current Anna Christensson. Salongsvärdinna is the music journalist,
  senior lecturer Katarina A Karlsson who is responsible for the script and research och_cc781905-5cde-315-b5f_b5_d_5 Astrid Pernille Hartmann.

Lena Haselmann, mezzo-soprano, Anna Christensson, pianist,
script, travel agent & salon hostess: Katarina A. Karlsson

In collaboration with KVAST - Kvinnlig Anhopning av Svenska Tonsättare

Opening concert at the City Library

The stair scene

Thursday, August 8

at 12.00-12.50

Unga pianister

Young pianists play the Casio Grand Hybrid Piano.
We get to hear everything from classical to boogie woogie and musicals.

Grand Hybrid is the result of a unique collaboration between Casio and the long-established grand piano manufacturer C. Bechstein, founded in 1853 and still considered one of the world's leading piano manufacturers. To develop these pianos, Casio in collaboration with C. Bechstein has carefully analyzed how an acoustic grand piano sounds and feels. The goal has always been to create a digital piano that provides the same experience as an acoustic one. This goal has been taken on completely uncompromisingly and the model for the Grand Hybrid is three legendary grand pianos - the Berlin Grand, the Hamburg Grand and the Vienna Grand. They are all three represented in this piano with their unique sounds and characteristics.

Photo: Young pianists at the World Culture Museum in previous years

Music and Literature

Thursday, August 8

at 13.00-13.50


Trappscenen, Stadsbiblioteket 



About good and evil (!) Music (literature) and a new composer biography,  

from Odyssén to Dr Faustus, Fanny Hensel b. Mendelssohn and Karin Rehnqvist.


An exhibition by Astrid Pernille Hartmann, cultural writer and chairman of KVAST - Female accumulation of Swedish composers, visited by the author of the new thriller Ond music.

Fredrik Österling, also composer and concert hall manager at Helsingborg Concert Hall.

Photo: Fredrik Österling


Thursday, August 8 

at 14.00-14: 45

Lecture Hall, City Library

Karin o Astrid.jpg



Why is it in art music in particular that gender equality has been the worst, in terms of composers in particular? KVAST - The female accumulation of Swedish composers celebrated 10 years last year, and during its first decade has brought about many changes, which now form a model internationally.


Sofia Sahlin, musician and project manager within KVAST tells. from all over the world. 

(See photo and CV of Sofia under the tab "participants")

Photo: Hartmann together with KVAST's founder, composer Professor Karin Rehnqvist.

Singer- songwriter workshop

Thursday, August 8 

at 15.00-15: 50

Lecture Hall, City Library

Sophie Jonsson.jpg


With Sophie Jonsson


Would you like to write songs but do not really know how to get started?

Do you want to combine piano playing with singing, or turn poems into songs?


Welcome to a workshop where we together with the musician Sophie Jonsson explore piano playing, songwriting, singing and composition.

After studies at Nordiska Visskolan and courses at The Juilliard School in New York samt Högskolan För Scen och Musik i Göteborg

Sophie offers a great musical breadth.

One foot is firmly in pop and ballads in English while the other has begun to explore the Swedish language and composition of poems.

Photo: Sophie Jonsson

Young people play the piano together

Thursday, August 8 

at 16.00-17.00

Lecture Hall, City Library


In the auditorium, several pianos from CASIO are on stage and here we can playfully listen to several young pianists play together. Come and play along! Music from Spanish tango to ABBA.


Participants: Young pianists from Kulturskolan, private piano schools around the country.

In collaboration with Kulturskolan Göteborg

Photo: Casio piano outside Stenhammarsalen last year.



Friday the 9 augusti 

at 12.00-13.00

The staircase, the City Library

Tonåringar i biblioteket

Poetry reading of poetry written by children and young people on the theme of music


Do you want to include your poem about music here and read it yourself?

Feel free to email us at

Picture: Children reading poems

Music and poetry

Friday the 9 augusti 

at 13.00-13.50

The staircase, the City Library



Participants: Professor Katarina Ström-Harg, pianist

Astrid Pernille Hartmann, cultural writer and chairman of KVAST - Female accumulation of Swedish composers.

Only since the beginning of the arts has there been a strong, golden bond between music and poetry, and that with feminine signs; the Evterpe of antiquity, the goddess of music and poetry, inspired Sappho, the lyricist from Lesbos, who in turn inspired medieval troubadours, who in turn ...

Katarina Ström-Harg and Astrid Pernille Hartmann tell, read and play, among other things, Libby Larsen's The Birth Project to poetry by various lyricists, French playfulness and Bohuslän lyric music.

Photo: Astrid P. Hartmann


Try and play piano

Friday the 9 augusti 

at 14.00-14.50.

Lecture Hall, City Library

Image by Denise Jans

In the auditorium, various Casio pianos will be available for you to test the sound, the touch and take the opportunity to ask questions.

There are different Casio piano models. Come and try!


Kateryna Titova & Edgar Wiersocki - Grieg


Kateryna Titova - Rachmaninoff


Clara Haberkamp - own composition


Sound demo

Composer talk ​

Friday the 9 augusti 

at 15.00-15.45

The staircase, the City Library

Katarina Leyman.jpg


Katarina Ström-Harg,  Professor i interpretation vid Kungliga Musikhögskolan, Stockholm

Katarina Leyman, composer


Katarina Ström-Harg is a well-established concert pianist in Swedish music life and has a world-wide contact network. 
She collaborates with renowned artists: singers,  instrumentalists and composers.
Since 1988, she forms a duo with clarinetist Stefan Harg.
Katarina also plays hammer piano.
The repertoire ranges from baroque to contemporary music.

Katarina Leyman

Color and structure, shape and movement are often the starting point for and form-creating elements in Katarina's music where ideas for compositions can come from various natural phenomena such as fish's movements in shoals, the sun's corona, water molecules, clouds, volcanic activity ...

Her music has been performed across large parts of Europe, USA, South America and Russia at various music festivals such as the Baltic Sea Festival 2010, ISCM World New Music Days Zagreb 2011 and Nordic Music Days Reykjavik 2011, Brass Festival Signal Gävle 2014, Saxå Chamber Music Festival 2015, Sound of Stockholm 2016.

During the years 2012 to 2015, Katarina was the Norrland Opera's Symphony Orchestra's house composer. The assignment included, among other things, four commissioned works for the orchestra.

Photo: Katarina Leyman, composer

Dance performance with SPEKTRUM

Friday the 9 augusti 

at 16.00-17.00

The staircase, the City Library


Take part in the interesting dance performance Speechless where the group Spektrum explores communication through contemporary modern dance. The group consists of six students from the School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. 



Vision (O Euchari In Leta Via) - Hildegard Von Bingen

Carbon 12 - Jlin

Blue I - Jlin

Work It - Marie Davidson

Hi Buddy - Sara Parkman & Samantha Ohlanders


Participating in Spektrum: My Nord, Beatrice Eriksson, Louise Dursjö, Martina Fischer, Amelie Schenström and Kristin Sandström.

Family show for big & small

Marie and the Music

Saturday 10 augusti 

at 12.00-12.45

The small stage, Gothenburg Opera

Barnen Schumann bild.jpg

Come with the whole family.

The story is about Marie, the eldest daughter of Clara and Robert Schumann in the 19th century.

Beautiful music by both Clara and Robert Schumann is presented.


Based on the children's book "Marie and the music" by Christina Högman
Director:  Helena Ha-Young Sul
(Narrator & Jenny Lind) Karin Dahlberg,  sopran
(Clara Schumann) Inese Klotina, pianist
(Robert Schumann) Tom Lidström
(Daughter Marie) Miró Wigander


Image: Barnen Schumann

Chamber Music Concert ​

with Kungsbacka Piano Trio

Saturday 10 augusti 

at 13.30-14.30

Foyer, Gothenburg Opera

Kungsbacka pianotrio.jpg


Clara Schumann Trio in G minor, Op.17
Robert Schumann in F major, Op.8

Presenter: Katarina Ström-Harg

Malin Broman, Jesper Svedberg and Simon Crawford-Phillips

Photo: Kungsbacka Piano Trio

Festival concert ​

Saturday 10 augusti 

at 15.00-17.00

Foyer, Gothenburg Opera


Pianists: Helena Ha-Young Sul, Inese Klotina, Xiao Ying Wang,  

Bojan Martinovic, Noah Zhou,  Per Tengstrand
Percussionist: WestPerc Duo 

Alexander Göransson and Rasmus Osbeck

F. Mendelssohn: Rondo capricioso 

Inese Klotina 


F. Chopin: Sadness Study op. 10 no. 3 E major

Helena Ha-Young Sul


Wang Jianzhong:  Liuyang river

Xiao Ying Wang


Ravel: Alborado del Gracioso

Bojan Martinovic


Myroslav Skoryk: Burlesque

Noah Zhou

Anna Ignatowicz-Glinska: Passacaglia 

West Perc duo, percussionist


- Short pause - 


WA Mozart: Sonata 1 movement in D major

Helena Ha-Young Sul & Inese Klotina 


Cécile Chaminade: ur Pieces Romantiques


La Chaise á porteurs


Inese Klotina & Helena Ha-Young Sul


Ivan Trevino: 2 + 1

West Perc Duo


Bartok: Sonata 3 movement

Inese Klotina and Bojan Martinovic (pianists)

& West Perc Duo (percussionist)


Monday 12 augusti 

at 10.00-12.00 and 14.15-17.00

Viktor Rydbergssalen and Neemi Järvisalen, Konserthuset

Katarina S H undervisning 2018.jpg


Open lesson with a young pianist together with Professor Katarina Ström-Harg (Professor of Interpretation at the Royal Academy of Music)  och Professor Bojan Martinovic (Rector och_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad1f4c5 -136bad5cf58d_vid Music Academy in Montenegro)  gives good tips in the art of playing the piano.
Here, as an audience, you can also get ideas and tips for developing your piano playing.

Photo: Prof. Katarina Ström-Harg in master class with young pianists last year

Barn och Ungas scen 


Monday 12 augusti 

at 11.00-12.30

Stenhammarsalen,   Konserthuset


Several young pianists at different levels perform.

A special guest is invited from Budapest in Hungary will perform his work: Offene Welten. 

András Gelléri is an active member of the Hungarian and the international new music scene, as a composer and pianist.

András Gelléri has been active as a composer since the age of seven. He has studied composition with Judit Varga and Péter Tornyai at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music.

Photo: András Gelléri

Meet the concert pianist Per Tengstrand 

Music & conversations

Monday 12 augusti 

at 13.00-14.00

Stenhammarsalen,   Konserthuset



A repeat of a successful program item from last year!
You who missed last year now have the chance to experience
world pianist Per Tengstrand who tells about his life,
what it means with all the traveling and his career as a pianist.
We also get to listen to his piano playing  at Stenhammarsalen.

Speaker: Gustaf Edlund

Photo: Per Tengstrand

Young and Promising


Monday, August 12th


Stenhammarsalen, Konserthuset

Julia Isaksson, Photo.jpg



G. Handel Chaconne  

T.Shakhidi - Humorous

Marc Andre Hamelin - etyd d-moll ”Omaggio Scarlatti_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3c-135

Samir Abdourazakov, piano

Debussy's Prelude No. 10 & 12 Book 2 and Stravinsky Petrushka
Julia Isaksson, piano

Wagner- Liszt: Isoldens Liebestod 

Noah Zhou

Robert Schumann:  Fünf Stücke im Volkston för cello och piano op.102 (1849)

I    Mit Humor

II    Langsam

V    Stark and marked

Clara Schumann: Drei Romanzen for violin (cello) and piano op.22 (1853)

I    Andante molto

II    Allegretto

III    Leidenschaftlich fast

Luc Goedert: Pensées för piano op.1 (2018/19)

I    Impétueux (otyglat) solo piano

Johannes Rydén, cello

Max Merazzi Jacobson, piano

Photo: Julia Isaksson

Piano evening with the concert pianist

Bojan Martinovic

(Rector and prof. i Music Academy, Montenegro)  

Monday 12 augusti 

Introduction  at. 17.15-17.30

Concert at 18.00-19.30 inkl. Pause

Stenhammarsalen,   Konserthuset



G. Ligeti. Researched music

Mr. Ravel: Gracious Alborada

A. Perunović. Franz Liszt Sonata in b minor Part Two: The Damnation of Mephisto 

At the age of 15, Bojan Martinovic was accepted as a student at the Montenegrin Music Academy, taught by Professor Vladimir Bockarjov, graduating and obtaining an MA degree with a top grade. In August 2002 and 2003 he spent his time in Vienna for advanced training, where he was singled out as a remarkably talented musician. Intensely and with great success, he performs and contributes to various chamber ensembles, collaborating closely with many domestic and international artists including Viktor Tretyakov, Marina Yashvili, Petter Langartner, Duncan McTier, Vilhelmas Chepinskis, Mikhail Bereznitsky, Miran Begic, Roman Simovic, Vladislav Igulinski , and Ksenia Akeynikova. Martinovic performs an extremely rich and diverse repertoire consisting of more than 30 different programs, both recitals and chamber music. He has performed in many prestigious concert halls around Ex-Yugoslavia, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, England, Netherlands, Hungary, USA, Armenia, China, Lebanon, and Russia. A laureate of numerous domestic and international competitions, he also received a prestigious Montenegrin Academy of Science and Arts award (2010). During 2013 and 2014 he has performed in Sergei Prokofiev Museum and Cultural Center Tchaikovsky in Moscow. After a brilliant success, he received a call to give a masterclass at State Conservatory PI Tchaikovsky. During the 2019 season, Martinovic will give concerts in China, USA, Russia, and Italy. Bojan Martinovic is a co-founder of the International music festival Espressivo in Cetinje, President of the Jury of the International Piano Competition MANJA, President of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference on Musical Heritage. Currently, Bojan Martinovic is a Dean and a piano professor at the Montenegro Music Academy.


Photo: Prof. Bojan Martinovic

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