The culture of piano is important in Gothenburg
Collaborations with our sponsors is essential to our efforts to achieve our goals.



123 037 40 74      

 GPF Bankgiro nr: 625-3264



Be our GPF support member

Member for 12 months: 150 kr / person

300 kr / family 

In the message "Support member" or "Sponsor" with your contact information.

The membership is valid in one year.

For more information, please contact us. 

VIP- pianoevenings 

We arrange music on the VIP-evenings with food and drinks.   

Promote and support the Culture of Piano

We support young pianists in many activities and concerts.


Through the Gothenburg Piano Festival, we create a musical meeting-place that inspire and develop young and established pianists and teachers.

Find the pianomusic and know more about the instrument. 

This is a great place to discover the piano-music.  


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