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Gothenburg Piano Festival takes new steps ahead of the 10th anniversary!



without our supporters, contributors, partners, we will not be able to continue this piano festival that means so much to the younger generation and is a great source of inspiration for many pianists, both_cc781905-5cde-315-b5_b5a_b5 .

Therefore, we encourage everyone to help us and support this non-profit association so that we can  maintain the same top level in both quantity and quality.  

Becoming a support member means that you will receive our newsletters, invitation to VIP concerts also be offered a glass of bubbly in a unique meeting with our unique meeting.


You can of course also support us with a voluntary contribution. 

Thanks to a generous support from Odd Fellow, and from a private patron three years ago, the Gothenburg Piano Festival has opportunities to continue working and playing in Gothenburg, at least one more year, our_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_tionde jubileumsår! This we will fira together with you dear music listeners and piano fans!


It is in collaboration with, and under the same umbrella as, the Gothenburg Gala that the Piano Festival will take place in mid-August, which opens up for both Gothenburgers and visiting tourists to get a taste of wonderful music constellations.


The piano festival was founded in 2010 by concert pianist and now artistic director, Helena Ha-Young Sul and has since 5 year a board that together runs the piano festival.

Her drive and main goal is to make piano music and the piano instrument accessible to everyone, both young and old.

- My wish is for everyone to have an unforgettable experience and discover new or old musical works in the art of piano. A source of inspiration where both artists, students and teachers meet.


The festival will offer everything from a family concert on two grand pianos and ensemble, master classes and workshops at different levels, evening concerts with established international pianists to conversations with the artists, _cc781905-5cde-3158bbc_b2c . 

In 2020, we will offer historical aspects of the jubilee Lv Beethoven who was born 250 years ago through lectures and concerts.


Thanks to the collaboration with the cultural schools, the doors also open to young musicians at an early stage to get a taste of what it is like to play chamber music; piano with both wind and strings. This creates a community and a bridge between the different instruments. The pieces are then adapted to the students' own level and ability.


Music has a strong, magical power and carries with it an ability to transform things, situations and attitudes for the better, and in addition, music is a universal language. Since she founded the festival, Helena has worked non-profit with the aim of making the piano festival a natural part of Gothenburg's cultural life.

Göteborgs Pianofestival is a non-profit association and has been active since 2010. 

Member and has partners such as Gothenburg Concert Hall, Gothenburg Opera. Kulturskolan, Kulturens, Kammarmusikförbundet, Odd Fellows, Casio Piano, Göteborgs & Co and international connections with other music festivals.


Helena Ha-Young Sul with the GPF board

Founder and artistic director for Göteborgs Piano Festival

Photographer for Gothenburg Piano Festival: Karol Babinski


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