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To pre-book your seats, the following applies

Due to limited seats, everyone in the audience must pre-book their seats for all individual program items.

This is done as follows:

The program for Friday, August 20, is pre-booked via this website at the link "Pre-book places" or the link below.

This also applies to family, relatives and friends of participants. You can pre-order a maximum of 2 people / family.

You must specify which program points you want to book for (exact time and title of the program point and number of people and of course name, e-mail address, telephone number and if you are a GPF member. We prioritize GPF members.

Before Saturday and Sunday's program items, pre-booking via Gothenburg Concert Hall applies from 2 August!

These are the same rules as Friday's in that family / relatives, friends of participants must be pre-booked and GPF members given priority.

We look forward to seeing you and a warm welcome!

Now  we open the doors for you and the music life again!

Keep in mind that the Neeme room is the number only  5 people and Viktor Rydbergssalen 8 people. It is therefore a rotating audience as time goes on. A parent of the child is given priority when the child plays. Hand alcohol is available outside the rooms.

Thank you for your understanding, during this strange time.

Skriva musik
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