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Friday, August 26 at 13:00-14:00 (Pre-book your seat via e-mail:
with Cecilia Stenhammar, vocals and Leo Sandström, pianist
Location: Viktor Rydbergsalen
Stenhammar about Stenhammar
A dialogue with mellan Cecilia Stenhammar, granddaughter of Wilhelm Stenhammar and Leo Sandström, who will start studying organ playing at Artisten this autumn.
Leo made a film about Stenhammar, which was his graduation assignment at Hvitfeldtska Gymnaiet in the spring. It included an interview with Cecilia and now we get to participate in a conversation between the two. Cecilia reads out Stenhammar personal letter and tells family memories. 
We also get some musical examples with Cecilia as singer and Leo on piano.


Cecilia Stenhammar personal words:

I have been singing all my life.

I started a free theater and music group when the Theater Center and the free group movement began in 1969.


We played in almost all of Stockholm's schools, among other things

So I was also in a duo Cecilia and Pursey, who sang in retirement homes, in preschools and youth centers and often for people of different ages with disabilities.


I have not until the last fifteen years dared   approach my grandfather's music, it felt too advanced and difficult.

But after reading many of his letters and beginning to understand how he himself viewed his songs, I am convinced that I know more about how Wilhelm Stenhammar himself wanted his songs to be interpreted, where the text, content and message are the important things.


I will tell you what I heard from the family about ¨Sten¨ as he was called by his friends and read from his letter.


I sing, among other things, Ingalill, Klockan and Sweden, possibly some more of the songs

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