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Piano competition for young pianists

JUNIOR age 12-19 years  

MASTER age 20-29 years

Semifinals and finals take place at Stenhammarsalen, Concerthouse in Gothenburg


Before applying for the piano competition

  • Mandatory registration fee is paid together with registration for the piano competition.

  • Deadline for registration: 11 August 2022

  • Registration / membership fee: SEK 150 (this fee is non-refundable) You pay this fee when you are accepted by mail 10th of August. If you come outside Sweden, you can pay this fee when you arrive.

  • Participants who will compete in this year's piano competition may only register for the piano competition.

  • You may not register for the master classes on August 26.

  • The program is encouraged to be played by heart in the first place.

  • Notes to the jury can be sent to us via email or give us when registering on the day of the competition. 

  • When registering, send us a receipt for proof of the registration fee, and a high-resolution photo and clearly fill in all fields in the registration form.

On the piano competition day

  • It is important to notify us in good time in case of illness. 

  • It is important to attend in good time before the piano competition and  register .

  • You have the opportunity to warm up 15 minutes before your playing time. 

  • Schedule for the competition will be via email after August 11.

  • Decisions can not be appealed. 

  • We will document the piano competition. For special reasons if you do not want to be seen, please notify us in writing to the GPF board in good time.

  • Mandatory to attend the festival concert with the award ceremony.

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