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The Gothenburg Piano Festival development

Dear all, music-fans, the audience, young and old pianists, and all sponsors!

First of all, I would like to thank you all who made Gothenburg Piano Festival for a great sustainable international platform for pianists all around the world. Therefore I write in English so the rest of the world can follow the blog!

Not to mention, the Gothenburg Piano Festival has developed more and more to an international music exchange and also got more inspired young pianists to the city of Gothenburg.

Latest I have read more and more books about the history of how the Gothenburg as city was built in the 17th and 18th century. This city was influenced by German, Dutch and Scottish people, which is very interesting.

I am very grateful to all sponsors, to all collaboration-partners and to all people who believe in my hard work, when I built the Gothenburg Piano Festival since 2010. Without you there will be no an International Piano Festival in the town! So it is because of you , that you are very very important for me AND the piano festival, and that is why I will do my best to work hard and offer you a high level Festival and at the same time encourage all the youngest who want to learn piano and have an open mind to learn more piano- music with their teachers, especially in the field of the classical music, but also, I have invited other music style like jazz/improvisation.

To mention to all, I am working to write a book about the story of the Piano Festival, together with young ambitious people, but it takes time, maybe the book can be released in 2024!

In January 2023 the information and application form will be updated on the website and I, together with my board of members want to see many many young pianists apply to the 3rd edition of the International Piano competition where you first send a video-recording. And then if you are selected to the Final round you will perform on a very fine Steinway grand piano at the Stenhammar-hall, Gothenburg concert house in September 2023.

From now, from bottom of my heart I and the board of members wish you all a peaceful Holiday and a Happy New Year 2023!

with love, Helena H-Y Sul, Founder & Artistic Director

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