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Gothenburg International Piano Festival & Piano Competition 
activities & lectures


Meet today's young pianists! 

Gothenburg Concert Hall
Gothenburg Opera


The Founder & artistic director of Gothenburg's international piano festival & piano competition, Helena Ha-Young Sul, warmly welcomes all young and old pianists to Gothenburg, who this year, 2023, celebrates Gothenburg as a city of 400 + 2 years! 

We want to pay tribute to that by presenting composers from Germany, Holland, Scotland, the Czech Republic and other European countries who have been influential in some way in Gothenburg from the 17th century onwards. 

Important dates to remember

April 2, 2023 Last day for registration and submission of video recording 

May 15, 2023 Results who advance to the final round

3 September 2023 Opening concert - piano manifestation - tribute to Gothenburg city 400 years

9-10 September 2023 Master classes / Workshops / Concerts / Final round in Stenhammarsalen, Gothenburg concert hall

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Festival program

Program update in progress

3-10 september

The concert hall

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Update in progress 

September 9-10

The concert hall


Piano competition

September 9-10

The concert hall

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